Day 3

Wake up is 4:30am so we can be on top of Masada for sunrise.  Masada is the rock plateau where an ancient Jewish settlement in the 1st century lived.  They watched the Romans build a ramp up the back for 3 years, knowing they would all be killed once the ramp was finished.  Instead they took part in mass suicide before they could be killed.  We explored the ruins up there, then went down the snake path on the front.
petting a kitty in the ruins
view of Dead Sea from Mt Massada

colorful sand dunes

Next we visit a mahktesh, what looks like a crater but was actually made by erosion.  There are colorful sand dunes here and you can fill a bottle with colors to make art.  We meet some Israeli girls with a guitar and sing some Bob Marley and Sublime together.

drumming in Bedouin tent in oasis in the desert

Then to David Ben-Gurion’s grave at site overlooking the Zin Valley.

Next is the much-anticipated visit to the Beduoin tribe.  Here, we all eat dinner together in one tent, have a Bedouin-led drumming circle in another, and sleep side by side in another.

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