Day 5

This is a special day.  Eight of our Israeli peers join our group!  When Israeli kids turn 18 they must serve in the Israel Defense Force for 3 years, so 5 of them are still doing so.  Together we visit the Old City in Jerusalem.  We walk on the rooftops for panoramic views from the Jewish quarter, then visit the Western Wall, where some of us put notes of prayers into the cracks..

Western Wall
with Israeli friends in the Old City

We visit the Machane Yehuda market to gather some foods for our Shabbat service this evening.  We light candles at sundown, but then we have our Shabbat service on the light rail platform nearby.  This is so cool because the light rail in Jerusalem doesn’t run on Shabbat!  We have the Kiddush before dinner, and hangout eating traditional food and socializing after dinner.  Shabbat is all about relaxing.  One of our Israeli friends keeps Shabbat, meaning she cannot use the elevator, lights, or even the card key at the hotel.
No one in the streets of Jerusalem!

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