Day 9

Today we visit Tzfat, a holy city which is a center for Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah.  We separate into boys and girls and enter a mikveh where we have an empowering discussion and learn about the cleansing process that takes place in the rainwater baths there.  Tzfat is beautifully located on top of a hill and lots of cool people seem to live here!  They also have neat art galleries and of course, we eat our daily delicious felafel or shawarma for lunch.

Our Israeli friends tell us about how special this trip turned out to be for them- so much more than just a week of from the army! We bid them farewell at the train station and spend the night in a coastal town called Haifa.  We have a surprise party for one of group members, he didn't see it coming! Then we get to enjoy a night at a bar in Haifa.

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