Day 4

When we wake up, we get to ride camels! Then best hike ever in Nahal Chavarim canyon where we spread out and bask in silence for a few minutes, then race each other up a big dune. 

A funny thing about Israeli culture is that they are known to be a bit pushy and sometimes plain rude!  At least what we consider to be rude, since we have so many rules about manners and tact; this is not built into their culture.  At breakfast, lots of school groups are at the Bedouin tents also and in the buffet line, kids are just squeezing in between all parts of the lines and basically swooping all around us.  Our tour guide brings it up later and we laugh.  During our hike, we were all standing in a small water sistern in the ground and a school group approaches the stairs at the top.  Our guide tells them just give me two minutes but their teacher warmly says no no we're gonna join you!  So again, schoolkids are pushing their way into the cracks of our group.  I also notice that when someone is addressing our group, they often just continue talking to each other!  This is behavior you can't help but laugh at and come to love.
Later this evening we head back to Jerusalem, where we get to explore some nightlife.

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